The theme at this year’s Mobile World Congress was the Edge of Innovation, and the latest advancements being debuted at the show mark the continuing evolution of the mobile space.
IoT – The Future is Now
One of the most exciting areas was the internet of things (IoT), and the amazing opportunities that machine-to-machine (M2M) technology brings for the connected consumer. Today there are more connected devices on the planet than people & Cisco predicts that by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected “things”, so the opportunity for brands to capitalize on this massive opportunity is just beginning. Many exhibitors proved that the hype is now a reality with innovations on display that ranged from a connected kitchen to a beer-bot that automatically pours beer when a code is tweeted from mobile phones. Wearables were also hot this year, with tons of buzz around the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch and other stylish devices from HTC and LG, underscored the critical need for multi-channel technology and analytics to provide an omni-channel experience and mobile intelligence across the growing complexity of available channels.
We are the World – The Global Landscape
Many conversations and conference sessions centered around the global demand for high-quality connection routes to fast-growing mobile populations, especially in the Asian region, to reach broader audiences and drive truly multi-national engagement for brands and enterprises. In addition to limited understanding of mobile messaging guidelines and regulations, there is also demand for mobile intelligence around consumer preferences and behavior as it varies widely across regions and demographics. With so many regional aggregators looking for direct binds to other countries at competitive prices, companies like mGage stood out as one of the few that truly offers a global platform and experience in mobile messaging. 
OTT is the next killer app
Without downplaying the significance and dominance of SMS given the abundance of smartphones around the world with text messaging capabilities, new messaging social apps like WeChat, Kik and Tango are beginning to overtake SMS in some regions with the promise of affordable, over-the-top voice, communications and multimedia access. With nearly a billion users around the world choosing messaging apps as a major form of interaction, forward-looking brands across banking, retail, automotive and travel/hospitality are exploring how to capitalize on the opportunity to reach global consumers in the apps that offer rich, secure, engaging experiences. mGage announced the launch of its intelligent OTT hub that connects brands to consumers almost anywhere in the world with features like 2-way messaging, gamification and rich media. 
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